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Photography Kit

This is my mid sized backpacker photography kit. I usually carry a Canon 100mm L Macro lens and tripod, but they add to much weight and space to my 1 bag backpacking set up.Photography kit

  1.   Canon 5D Mark 3 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART
  2.   Canon 16-35mm 2.8L
  3.   Sony Xperia Z1
  4.   Polarizing filter for 16-35mm lens.
  5.   Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with keyboard.
  6.   SD cards + waterproof case.
  7.   Canon Minimalist sized flash for 5D Mark iii.
  8.   Lacie 1TB rugged hard drive.
  9.   Sony RX-100 Mark 3.
  10. Spare batteries for 5D
  11.   1/8″ audio cable and HDMI
  12.   Spare batteries for Sony camera and flash
  13.   Battery pack
  14.   Lens Pen for cleaning glass
  15. USB dock
  16. USB flashlight