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My Favorite Backpacks

The last couple years I have been travelling with the Osprey kestrel 38L backpack. It is a really well built bag and has always packed enough for any length of travel. I like the sleek design, boot compartment on the bottom, ventilated back piece and compression straps.

Osprey Kestel 38L backpack




This year  I am using the 25L Pelican U160 Camera Backpack. This is the most bad ass bag I have ever uncounted. This bag works really well for me as it only allots about half of its space to photo gear, which can be hard to find in a camera bag. It gives me just enough room for my camera gear, 11″ tablet, clothes and toiletries.

Pelican U160 Camera Backpack

U160 pelican backpack

Photography Kit

This is my mid sized backpacker photography kit. I usually carry a Canon 100mm L Macro lens and tripod, but they add to much weight and space to my 1 bag backpacking set up.Photography kit

  1.   Canon 5D Mark 3 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART
  2.   Canon 16-35mm 2.8L
  3.   Sony Xperia Z1
  4.   Polarizing filter for 16-35mm lens.
  5.   Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with keyboard.
  6.   SD cards + waterproof case.
  7.   Canon Minimalist sized flash for 5D Mark iii.
  8.   Lacie 1TB rugged hard drive.
  9.   Sony RX-100 Mark 3.
  10. Spare batteries for 5D
  11.   1/8″ audio cable and HDMI
  12.   Spare batteries for Sony camera and flash
  13.   Battery pack
  14.   Lens Pen for cleaning glass
  15. USB dock
  16. USB flashlight